Are Vibrations and Auras Real?

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Yes they are! We’ve all heard phrases like “I’m getting some bad vibes in that place!” Or, perhaps you’ve heard the song, “Positive Vibration,” by Bob Marley. When one is angry, it can feel like pent up energy bursting to get out. You may sweat. You may shake. You may even notice your skin starting to feel hot. The body experiences raised the temperature, the blood pressure rises, and you get flooded with stress hormones. That state does not yield a “good” vibration. Not that any of us get angry anymore, right? *wink*

What about when one is full of joy or happiness? The joy and peace vibrations help the brain release those fabulous brain chemicals such as dopamine, and oxytocin. These naturally-produced chemicals regulate our body clock, temperature, appetite and, generally, keep us in sync. The result is that we experience joy. These vibrations are considered to be “higher” than anger and stress vibrations, which are considered “low” vibrations. I find it impossible to be unhappy when I listen to Bob Marley. Find out what your Bob Marley is!

Pay attention to how you feel around certain people. Is the vibration they’re on high or low? How does this affect you as you interact with that person?

Auras can be perceived in the same way. While I have no problem with folks taking photos of auras or using the aura photo app on iPhones (yes, there exists such an app!), I do believe auras can change throughout our life. Looking at an old aura photo of yourself is the same as looking at your old high school picture. You may not look like that anymore!

Your aura is a colorful energy field that surrounds you at all times. I can “see” these colors around people, which helps me understand what someone may be experiencing in their life at that time. Perceiving someone’s aura is helpful in avoiding misunderstandings. If someone is depressed, I can see this in their aura. I will perceive the color grey as well as the color representing that about which they may be depressed. For example, if I see grey and pink, they are depressed or uncertain about a relationship.

So, how could perceiving the auras of others help? If we could communicate without words via the perception of vibration and auras, we would avoid miscommunications and unnecessarily hurt feelings. If someone is angry and irritated about something trivial such as not having been given an extra napkin at a restaurant (yes, I have seen this), you could see in their aura that the anger is not caused by the lack of having an extra napkin. You may see, instead, that they may have lost their job, relationship or home, which would be the true source of their anger. We all suffer not being able to express our true feelings at times. If we could “see” a person’s frustration or sense their vibration, would we have a deeper more accurate understanding of what is going on with that person? Might we be more prone to treat them with kindness and understanding rather than reacting with mirrored anger or irritation?

If we could better perceive the auras and vibrations of our loved ones, would we be less upset or hurt even if those people were not able to express their feelings with words? Could we avoid conflict altogether? I believe so. What do you believe?

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