Being a Psychic Medium: Charlyn Spitzer's Journey

Charlyn Spitzer has been aware of her gift of spirit communication since early adolescence. Unfortunately, it was not always considered a gift in her family, but as a young girl, it was feared by those around her. Her mother’s strong Catholic background prompted a “cleansing” by a Catholic Priest in the hope that it would make communications cease. They did not end the communications; rather she kept them to herself more.

In her twenties, she was sensing spirits around her constantly. Other spirit mediums told her that she was not to ignore the gifts she was receiving from spirits. Charlyn found she could no longer ignore those in spirit, as the manifestations of spirits became a daily occurrence. It was frightening at first, but slowly she was able to come to terms with the communications and accept them as part of her life.

Charlyn took a few years of practice unfolding her gift of communication to bring messages from loved ones in spirit. Her experiences have allowed her to understand that death is just a departing from your body. Spirits are still around helping us in our everyday lives.

Charlyn has done demonstrations of mediumship at different Spiritualist churches in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has also given demonstrations of mediumship at the New Living Expo in San Francisco 2012 and 2013. In 2014, she demonstrated spirit communication on Ken Morris’ Psychic Choice Radio Webcast out of the UK. In 2015 and 2018 she showed spirit communication at the Santa Rosa Mystic Fair.

In her messages, she asks spirits to bring proof of who they are so that you understand that what they say is true. If she can bring you a message of a memory only shared by you and that spirit, you can believe the message is an actual message from that spirit.

She believes herself to be an interpreter of spirits, an instrument to communicate what they are already trying to tell you.

She practices what is called automatic writing, which is the ability for spirits to write messages using her as a vessel physically. She also produces art through automatic writing, which was demonstrated in her art show “Perceptions of Spirit” in Alameda, California in 2014.

Charlyn also practices psychometry, which is sensing energy off an object. For example, if you have your grandfathers watch, she will feel the object and tell you who comes forward with it. She practices this with objects and also handwriting. She reads the energy off a sample of handwriting and can describe the person whose handwriting it is.

Charlyn has a history of care work, including working with elderly adults, hospice patients and formerly, as a community Chaplain in a nursing facility. As a mediator for the Spirit World, she believes that death is not something to be feared, but understood. Through her extensive experiences with spirits and those of us still here, she believes that death is only a change into the next expression of life.

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