Private Readings

Private Readings include a private one on one session. I will connect with a loved one in Spirit and ask the Spirit for ways to identify them such as relationship, shared memories or information that only you would know. I bring forth messages from the Spirit that they may have for you. I can also address messages they have concerning current events happening in your life. Sometimes Spirits have advice on your health conditions or career/life path that you may have been considering for which you want validation. Private Readings are also available through Skype or FaceTime.

Private readings must be paid for 72 hours in advance of your reading date/time or your appointment will be cancelled.

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NOTE: Charlyn does not offer standard, non-video phone call readings for various reasons. Therefore, meeting in-person, via Skype (video) or FaceTime (video) calls are required for private readings.


Half Hour: $85
One Hour*: $150

*Add $25 to bring a 2nd person
to your one-hour reading.


Group Readings

In the Privacy of Your Own Home

Group readings can include up to 12 people*. I will bring messages from the spirits of your loved ones in front of the group. Group readings are generally held for parties or get-togethers. Approximately five readings are given per hour.

Hosts are responsible for paying for the Private Group Reading.  Charlyn will not be responsible for charging your guests individually.

*There is a six-person minimum charge for all group readings. If you choose to add more participants after your initial purchase (up to 12 participants total), you must do so within 72 hours of your session.

There may be a travel fee depending Charlyn’s drive time to get to your house.


Per Person: $50
Travel Free : $25+

*You may not incur a travel fee, depending on where you live, so just ask Charlyn!


Pet Readings & Communication

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking or going through? Pets are like our children these days. We love them! Most of the time, we can understand what they want from us. But, if you would like a more explicit message from your pet, it is possible! I can connect with your living pets* (as well as pets who have passed) to bring you updates and messages about things going on with them. Perhaps your dog isn’t telling you why he won’t eat at certain times. Maybe he is jealous of your attention you give to your human children. Animals tell me about their lives and what they want. Pets have feelings, too! You can have a reading of your pet done as part of your private or group reading. Please let me know if you would like to include a pet reading, so I set aside time for that during your private or group reading time.

*Only a photo of your pet is required. Pets do not need to be present at your reading.


Pet readings can be added as part of your private or group reading. There is no extra charge!  Choose a reading option here on the SERVICES page and be sure to tell Charlyn you want to include a pet reading.


Spiritual Counseling for "Sensitives"

This spiritual counseling service is for people who experience psychic phenomena. Many “sensitives” have no resources to guide them with things they hear, see, or sense that may be from the spirit world.  I provide guidance for those in need. NOTE: I do not teach the use of ritual objects (such as sage, cards, crystals, etc.).


Per Hour: $150


Spiritual Guidance

Do you feel as if you lack understanding about how your faith and spirituality impact your life? Are you confused as to why your spirituality is not guiding you on the path you want? A Spiritual Guidance session entails communication with your Spirits Guides that can express to me what you are going through and why. Spirit Guides are here for our progression in this life; they heal us, lift our spirits, and can help us get excited about life again.


Per Hour: $150


In-Home Group Workshop

Many people know they get messages from loved ones in Spirit. This is a two-hour workshop for you and friends which focuses on the “How do they communicate?” and “No, I’m not crazy…I am getting messages!” I will cover topics such as why we should pay attention to messages and how to become a better channel. I will also discuss why some people fear communication from Spirit and how that can adversely affect our interactions. This is a fun, interactive workshop. You are required to have 6 to 10 guests as we will be working with partners during the session. This will help your understanding and development of your spiritual connections. Remember, to become great at anything, it takes work and practice on your part!


Per Workshop: $350
Travel Free : $25+

*You may not incur a travel fee, depending on where you live, so just ask Charlyn!

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