How to Prepare for Your Reading

Be Prepared to Connect in Different Ways

First and foremost, keep an open mind!  Spirit provides evidence of identity in many different ways. It may be by name, description, relationship, illness, or shared memories, etc.  Listen to the indicators Spirit is giving you and be open to the possibility that the spirit coming through may not be the person you were expecting to hear from.

Be Willing to Verify Information

Be willing to verify information that Charlyn shares with you if you’re able to make a connection with it. Unwillingness to verify information may interfere with you properly and fully receiving messages from Spirit.

Come With a Positive and Kind Attitude

Spirits know what they want to communicate to you for the purposes of healing and/or closure. Although you may have planned exactly what you want to hear in a reading, the Spirits will communicate what they believe is the most beneficial message. Please come with an open attitude to receive whatever messages spirit may bring you.

Everything May Not Make Sense Right Away

Some information received during a reading might only make sense later on at some point after your reading. For example, Charlyn may relay messages about a dog that you will care for. You may not have this dog, currently, so the message does not make sense. Then, two days later, a family member comes home with a dog, or perhaps you will be asked to petsit.  So, feel free to take notes during your session to help you remember any important moments or messages you might not be able to place right away.

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