Meditation for Beginners

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Meditation is spiritual care for the self. It clarifies your energy and thoughts, brings peace, and helps to keep a healthy vibration. Meditation enables you to go about your day, allowing you to react better, or sometimes not at all, to different events or environments. There are so many benefits to meditation! I wish everyone utilized this vital tool in creating a healthy self.

Meditation creates more self-awareness. When we can carry ourselves through our day in peace, subduing unnecessarily high emotional reactions, we can better discern and understand our feelings. Self-awareness can help you to recognize whether or not feelings of stress, anger or sadness are yours or if you are merely absorbing the emotions of others around you.

Start out by finding a guided meditation that fits into your schedule on a topic from which you feel you would benefit. Some people sit, some lie down, and others listen to calming sounds. If one type of meditation is no longer “working” for you anymore, try another. The benefits of meditation will be noticed and felt!

For those of you new to meditation, I would recommend reading the following book:

The Best Guide to Meditation – by Victor N. Davich, First Published 1998 » View on Amazon

Davich explains and explores the different types of meditations and provides step-by-step instructions for each. He describes the various benefits such as stress and pain relief, relaxation and much more. Finding a technique that works for you is that simple!

Other ways of exploring meditation can be through taking a class, watching YouTube videos, or listening to meditation apps. Find a technique you resonate with. You’ve got everything to gain!

Need a great starter meditation video? Check out this “Charlyn-recommended” 10-minute meditation video on YouTube.

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