What Is Mediumship and How Does It Work?

A Medium is a person who is able to receive communications from those who are departed from the physical world and have entered into the Spirit World. In short, it’s a person who can receive messages from the dead. Mediumship is the ability to convey those messages clearly to those who are still living.

There are many methods of obtaining messages from our departed loved ones. I believe we all have the ability to receive communications from the spirit world. That being said, it does require ample amounts of practice and studying to learn to clearly interpret and understand those communications.


Audio-Visual Communication

Each medium is different due to their understanding of spirits, communication methods, or personal spirit guides. I can only explain how I receive messages. I connect to specific spirits by “seeing” images, “hearing” spirits, and “feeling” communications. When I say I “see” things, I see them in my mind’s eye.  The same is true when I “hear” spirit. The visual and audible messages are almost always received from within.  Imagine the memory of someone’s voice. What I experience is the same. You’re not actually hearing it, but you can “hear” the memory clearly in your mind.


Emotions and Feelings

Sometimes, I actually experience the emotion spirit is trying to convey. If a spirit is happy about something, I may see an image in my mind that makes me feel happy. This is how a spirit might try to convey to you that they are happy about something that you have done or are planning to do. Other times, I may have a physical feeling. For example, if a spirit tries to convey how they passed, they might make me physically feel the pain or illness that lead to their passing. This may seem difficult to understand or process, but, at this point, it comes quite natural to me.

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