Kind Words from Some of Charlyn's Clients...

  • I have witnessed Charlyn’s mediumship skills many times. It is heart-warming to see how it changes people’s lives when they receive authentic messages from their departed loved ones.

    Thomas M.
  • I am very impressed with Charlyn. Every message she relayed was on point and accurate. I had such a great session! I cannot begin to describe how amazing it was.  She was able to connect with my deceased loved ones.  I was able to validate the messages she conveyed because she shared things only my loved ones would have known. I highly recommend Charlyn Spitzer.

    Jessica E.
  • Charlyn connected with family members whom she described to a tee! She described a personal relationship with amazing accuracy. It was completely mind blowing!  I definitely recommend Charlyn.  She truly has “the gift”!

    Sandra M.

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