Group Reading Etiquette & Requirements

Group Readings in the home are a wonderful way to connect to your loved ones in the spirit and know they are with you. To get the most out your group, I have some group reading etiquette and requirements that must be adhered to in order to make the environment easier for me to communicate clearly.

Make sure the people in your group understand that the group is a safe place to express emotions and not feel judged by others in the room.

Sometimes personal things come through or people express emotions that may make others feel a bit uncomfortable. Group readings should be a place to heal, not to judge.

Please be considerate and refrain from talking while I am attempting to relay messages to others.

While you may be excited about a message you just received or are waiting for your turn to receive a message, I am doing my best to concentrate on listening to spirit.  So whispers and chatting from others in the room are extremely distracting and are louder than you realize.

Please refrain from taking/using any sort of intoxicant before the readings (drugs, alcohol, etc.).

Such substances dull the senses and sometimes encourage inappropriate responses. We should all be “present” for the messages we are meant to receive!

Lastly, bring an open mind and know that you are never alone!

Purchasing a group reading session means you acknowledge and will adhere to these group reading requirements.

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