Definition of Terms


The aura is the energy field around each person. Auras are helpful to see (or perceive) to distinguish what a person may be going through, what they may attract in their life or how to heal from emotional trauma.

Automatic Writing

A flow of writing produced through a medium working as a channel for the Spiritual being. The medium is not conscious of what message is being produced. Automatic writing should produce effects that make sense to the person receiving the message. Mirror image writing may be produced, which is when the writing comes through backwards and can be read in a mirror image only. Names of people may come through, art may come through and also automatic writing can be done with the non-dominant hand in order to bring more proof of spirit communication.

Billet Reading

Receiving messages with the use of writing. The person who wishes to receive a message will write on a piece of paper names, initials, or any questions they may have for those in Spirit. The medium holds that paper, receives impressions and connects to spirits who are willing to come forward. What is written on a billet can be anything, it does not have to be a name, it can be a concern or word, etc. Although we cannot make any spirit to come through, this may help direct the intention.


A person who is sensitive to the spirit world and able to receive communications from those Spirits.


The interpreting of the “soul” of an object. By handling an object, it is the mental receiving of a history of the object or  receiving an impression of people who may have handled the object. This reading may also include events that have taken place with the object.

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