Sensing Spirit

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I hear from many people who believe they’ve had a “visitation” of a spirit or “sensed a presence” who are quick to dismiss it as something in their mind. Of course, you want to rule out that it actually was a spirit presence because that would be crazy, right? What if it’s not? What if you are sensing a spirit? How do you know? 

There are plenty of people who have experienced out of the ordinary in which they do not believe (nor ever will) in spirit communication. Yet, they have experienced some phenomenon which, at the time, they felt was a spirit. One example; a man who never believed in any type of spirit communication or anything unseeable. He confided in me that when his sister passed, he was woken up at 3AM and at the foot of his bed experienced what looked to be a “glowing mist of light,” and he “just knew” it was her spirit. He could not explain how it formed, how it left, or how he “just knew” it was her. The next day he heard from his family that his sister had passed at 6AM that morning. There was a three hour time difference. Is this how we sense spirits?

Many people “hear” spirits in their heads. Mostly, upon awakening, they say they can hear a voice calling their name that sounds like a loved one’s voice who has passed. It is accompanied by the feeling they received from that person when the person was still alive. It is comforting. They swear that the person was right there with them. But that’s crazy, right?

Why wouldn’t spirits be able to communicate with us? The first rule of thermodynamics is that energy can be transformed from one form to another. Still, it can neither be created or destroyed. Is it that we have not experienced that conversion of energy yet (cessation of life here)? Do we not understand that the “other side” is not really a distant place? Or is it the science of the conversion that is not really yet understood? What would happen if we really did appreciate the transformation from our presence in this life to the so-called afterlife? What would that look like? What would that feel like? What if all of our “that didn’t really happen” communications with our spirit loved ones really were communications? What if they were able to still share feelings, senses, memories, visions, and what if we were empathetic to those communications? 

There are plenty of people who sense these communications and are open to it. Those people receive communications freely because they hold no beliefs against it. Some people, however, choose to live in disbelief and continue to ignore or dismiss these communications.  Ask yourself, “Is it possible that anyone in this current experience of life really knows the truth about any of this?” If not, just maybe, you could be right. 

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