The Language of the Spirit World

 In Third Eye Blog®

If you are wondering if your loved ones in Spirit can communicate, even though they may not have spoken English, the answer is yes. What I refer to as “the language of the Spirit” is non-verbal. I connect with Spirits but not in the way that we communicate here in the living. I communicate using sense perceptions. Let me explain. When I say some spirit is “showing me” something, or “I see” a spirit, it is not the same way you see someone physically standing in front of you. I “see” an image in my mind. If a spirit “shows me” an image, I am literally looking at “a memory” in my mind. I know this may be hard to imagine, so I challenge you to think about the last carton of milk you bought. Are you “seeing” a red carton or a blue one. Perhaps you drink Almond milk, and you are “seeing” that carton in your mind. That is how spirits “show” me things. So, if I say I am “seeing” a man fall down, I’m only witnessing a photo in my mind.

I sometimes “hear” spirits. This is a combination of memory and sound that I may be familiar with. For example, I may “see” in my mind a man, and get the auditory memory of the name “Brent.” If I relay to you what I “see” and what my auditory memory is hearing, the “Brent” may or may not be correct. It may be that you have a spirit with you named “Brenton.” In my memory, I do not know the name. My understanding of it is “Brent” because I am familiar with a “Brent.” If I hear a name in another language, I normally hear the phonetic sounds familiar with the name. For example, I may tell you I “hear” a name with an “H” noise combined with an “Ana” noise. The name might in truth be “Jiana” but pronounced “Hee-Ana.” I don’t know that name, so, in my mind is trying to make sense of it. Also, if your language does not use letters, I am using the “H” as a sound. If you have characters instead of letters in your language, the “H” is phonetic. I am only adapting audible sounds.

Feelings are also a way spirits communicate. Sometimes I can “feel” the emotion along with a visual picture. Sadness, anger, happiness and the like can be expressed through a spirit. Since a person no longer has the emotional barriers to expressing emotions, they usually can express feelings more freely. The exception is if a person were uncomfortable expressing emotions, in the spirit, they may still be uncomfortable with it….but, that feeling is also expressed!

Spirits can communicate with us, even if they did not speak the language we speak. It is similar to a dream. Many times while dreaming, people recall “knowing” what is being said in the dream or understanding what is happening without actual words being spoken. This is the way spirits can communicate. We learn to “understand” without words.

This is the most precise way I can try to explain how Spirits communicate. I know it is different for everyone and I am sure there are other ways mediums understand spirits. I believe we all have this ability though it may not be cultivated and we stop having to understand each other on a spiritual level when we start to understand language. In the Spirit world, they don’t need our language to get their message through.

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